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Marla Howard

Marla Howard, owner/operator of Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness has been involved in fitness all her life. She was a competitive gymnast, and at age 9, she competed in a division of the Olympics in Winnipeg , placing bronze on the uneven bars. She started coaching gymnastics at age 13, and completed a National Coaches Certificate Program thereafter. At 18, she to become a certified group fitness leader at the University of Saskatchewan and has been teaching fitness ever since.

Marla has taught a variety of fitness classes over the years including all types of strength, cardio, and resistance training. Being a fitness instructor has opened the doors for Marla to expand her horizons her own fitness regime.

In 2005,she completed her first half-marathon.” Running is now a big part of my own fitness program-its therapeutic.” says Marla. And when pole dancing was presented as a new and exciting way to work out, Marla jumped at the chance. “ I am always up for something new!” she says. Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness was born from the pairing of Marla who designed and taught Shake Your Booty, and Sydney who had a portable pole business. “The idea just made sense to me that we should have a pole dance and strip aerobic studio. I didn’t hesitate.” Sydney and I put the wheels in motion and we opened within about 6 weeks.”

Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness started in October 2005 with 2 instructors and 3 classes. It has now expanded to have 8 instructors and 19 different classes, and it won’t stop there! Marla quit her full-time job, took over as sole proprietor and now dedicates her life to fitness and the studio. The fitness classes are the backbone of the business. “I introduced elements of group fitness in the pole and strip aerobics classes and the ladies just wanted more!” Says Howard.

Based on the demand, this started the infamous ‘Boot’ylicious Camp. This is a fast paced, energetic, and extremely tough workout that uses weights, resistance, and strength components that would make most people cry. The classes have been selling out quickly and it is not slowing down at all! “ The response has been so positive” says Patterson “I am constantly looking for new and exciting ways to challenge these women to help them achieve their goals.” One way Marla has been helping is in the creation of the wildly popular Bikini Contest, “I always have a waiting list for this!” notes Patterson. “The results that these women get are just phenomenal! They always thank me, but ultimately they are doing all the work.”

Marla’s idea of a vacation is a weekend away in Calgary, to train with Jen Hendershott, a former Ms. Olympia and fitness model which is coming up in January 2007. “ I am counting down the days-I have had this booked for months!” says Marla “I keep learning, so my members can keep learning. There is no end to what you can do in fitness.”