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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the same questions about classes, what to wear, who is this for… and we hope by adding this page that it answers your questions. If we have not done so, please send your question to heartbreaker@telus.net and we will do our best to get that answered promptly.

Helpful Hints

  • For fitness classes, wear good runners and comfortable workout wear. For the specialty classes you can wear any soft sole shoe, ballet slipper, or bare feet. Any type of comfortable clothing that allows movement is acceptable.
  • For pole classes, do not apply lotion or oil as it will be more difficult to grasp the pole.
  • Bring a water bottle and sweat towel to all classes.
  • Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness is a safe and comfortable environment for all women. Some ladies are nervous at first, but please rest assure there is absolutely NO NUDITY and you are encouraged only to do what you are comfortable with.

Do you have childcare?

Yes, it is for the 9:15 am time slot as well as Mommy Club. Kids are always welcome at the studio under your supervision in all other time slots. I have found that young babies, and older kids (6 and up) do quite well, and when they see Mom working out it is such a great example for them!


Bikini Contest FAQ’s

What type of fitness classes are involved?

We have your training set up so that you get a full body workout throughout the week. There are both cardio and strength components. You will probably never get the same class twice. Some of the class formats are Foxy Boxing, Killer Legs, Triple Threat, Cardio Sculpt, and Abs. There is also a variety of step and guest instructor week. You won’t be bored! There is no outdoor running in inclement weather, but if it is nice, be prepared. We will teach you how to run properly as well. Don’t worry!

What if I am going away on holidays for a few days?

The great news is that in this program you will have the ability to make great food choices for the rest of your life. This is not a quick fix, it is your new lifestyle. If you do go away for a few days in the contest, we will give you eating tips and a workout outline to follow. You can have some make up classes before and after as well. We have had a lot of women go away for up to 10 days and still get great results from The Bikini Contest!

How many days/week is it?

You are required to be at the studio 5X/week that accounts for your attendance. You can have one bonus day at the studio (either Sat or Sun) that does NOT count for your attendance, this is strictly optional. You do need one full day rest each week, your choice of day!

Classes run Monday to Friday in your scheduled time.
9:15 – 10:05 am 5:15 – 6:05 pm

How do I register?

Call Marla directly 403-952-6191 to arrange for your *100.00 deposit that will secure your spot. The studio is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! I can meet you anytime! Just call!

Pricing for Bikini Contest

$299.00 for an individual or, sign up with a friend for $250.00 each!

*Due to the high number of people that are turned away, the deposit is non-refundable! Thank you for your understanding!

What level of fitness do you need?

You need to be healthy and active. This is not for anyone who has had surgery within the last year, or has a current injury. You must have some level of fitness to start this program. You should be currently involved in something (team sports, weights, walking) to participate. If you are a beginner level, start slow with classes 1-3 X / week and build into it. (Call Marla for a free consult if you are unsure!) You can join the next Bikini Contest!

When do the Bikini Contests Run?

Bikini Contests run 3x/year only … Jan/Feb, May/June, or Sept/Oct.


Refund Policy for all classes/memberships at Heartbreaker

  • Refunds and credits are on a case by case basis. You must contact Marla direct at 403.952.6191.
  • Please note that refunds are subject to a $60.00 admin fee.