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Corey Wirth

Years ago…I can’t even remember exactly when…let’s say 2007…I joined HB due to being peer pressured by a
co-worker.  We signed up for my first bikini contest.  Before joining HB I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition and working out and I sure didn’t know at that time how it would change my life.  In fact prior to joining HB, the most exercise I ever got was walking to and from the University of Lethbridge (I lived basically across the street).  I loved bikini … even though everything seemed to hurt.  I loved it so much I
signed up for a second session of it.  After completing two bikini contests I joined HB and mentioned to one of the instructors that teaching would be fun.  After that comment I started on the road to
becoming a certified Group Fitness Leader with AFLC.  I taught classes at HB for a few years and then took some time off.  I have been back at HB since May 2015 and am loving everything about it.  I co-teach the 6am, 4:30 and 5:15 classes. Working out has changed my life.  I truly believe that a good workout can heal everything.  If you have a stressful bad day whether it is at work or otherwise come to the gym, I promise you will feel a million times better when you leave.  Outside of HB; I am a full time accountant at EBT Chartered Accountants.  I am a wife to a fabulous man (who cooks for me every night ), and even though I
don’t have any children as many of you know I have two four legged fur babies that I spoil!  I hope to inspire and motivate you to be the best possible version of yourself!