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LeeAnne Schimdt

My name is LeeAnne Schmidt…I have been married to Larry for 14 years and we have 2 beautiful daughters. I take great pride in setting a positive example by living a healthy lifestyle. Besides my family, health and fitness is my next great love. I always find time to work out and prep for meals for myself and my family, after doing it for so long it has just become so normal I can’t imagine not doing it, we all have 24 hrs in a day and it’s what we do in that time that really counts!

I am passionate about pushing myself to the next level and challenging myself daily. Heartbreaker plays a big role in helping me achieve these goals.

I have been very active my entire life and approximately 2 years ago I joined the ever popular “8 week Bikini Contest” and have never looked back. The classes are fun, invigorating and as hard as you want to make them – the old saying goes “you get out what you out in”. Marla offers advanced moves for the more advanced and modified moves for those who need it as well, we are a family and support and push each other every day. There are new ladies joining continually and we welcome them and try to make them feel comfortable as we were all, “the new girl” at some point! Marla takes the time to get to know us all personally and is always available to answer questions, guide us, praise us, push us etc. to help us all reach our full potential. In 2012 I decided I needed a “new” challenge so in October I entered my first Fitness Competition – Muscle Beach in Edmonton! I placed 2nd and qualified to go on, which I did….!

Marla and the girls at Heartbreaker supported me throughout both my journeys thus far and made the classes challenging enough that I did rely on them for part of my preparation. I love belonging to a club that is as passionate about working out, getting sweaty, sharing, laughing and yes, even swearing, supporting and encouraging each other each and every day. I have built amazing friendships and I love surrounding myself with other women who also want to lead healthy lives. “Be the change you want to see in this world” Believe in yourself and have high expectations…

Commit to be fit, commit to eat clean, and commit to making positive changes for yourself – one day at time! If you want to join the amazing Heartbreaker family, please don’t hesitate – it will be one call you will be glad you made!


As a long time Heartbreaker Family member, I have always had the support to be fit and fabulously curvy. Not only do I participate in Advanced Pole Fitness classes, but also Bootcamp in the 9:15 a.m. Intermediate/Advanced time slot. I have been able to make modifications where I need to, and challenge myself as I continue my fitness journey. Boot Camp is all about kicking your own butt. Every week I notice myself getting stronger and more confident in myself.

With all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels in class, I have always felt comfortable and encouraged to push my fitness level and ‘get my sweat on’. I love the variety in the classes and the challenge they possess.

I highly encourage every woman, no matter their shape, to join the family where support and encouragement is limitless.

Carrie Klaiber Before
Carrie Klaiber After

Hi, My name is Carrie Klaiber. I want to share my story with all you workout ” wannabe’s” out there. I remember the day I decided to make a life change. It was something that just ‘clicked’ inside and I knew it was time.

I had heard great things about ‘Heartbreaker, so I picked up the phone and called Marla. Although i was a bit scared, she made me feel comfortable. We chatted, and I decided to join the 10:15 a.m. Beginner / Intermediate Boot Camp.

Marla met me at the studio the next morning, showed me around, introduced me to the instructor, and before I knew it, I was working out! Being fairly out of shape, a smoker, and 205 pounds – my first class was tough, I can’t lie, but determination and the encouragement of a good instructor got me through and afterwards I felt so good!!

Then I went back the next day… and the next… and the next! I was hooked! I went to classes faithfully to classes four times per week. It wasn’t easy. Life tries to get in the way sometimes, but after two months, I started seeing results little by little and that kept me going back for more.

I knew that I had to change my eating habits right from the start in order to have more energy for the classes and to help me reach my goals. Having other ladies in the classes share ideas about eating, and talking to Marla really helped.

I used to sign up for sessions with Heartbreakers, then I decided to really commit and bought a one-year membership. The instructors and other members are a family with a comfortable environment. I just love being there. Time marched on and after six months, I had lost 35 pounds! My wedding was just around the corner and I knew I had to push and keep going. I am so happy I worked hard. I love to look at my wedding photographs now and reflect back on my big day. But I wasn’t done! I was hooked on fitness now and had to keep going!

In October 2012, one year after I started at Heartbreaker, I decided to quit smoking. I am now eight months smoke free! I just ran my first 5 K two weeks ago. It was scary, but Marla encouraged me that I could do it, and she was right. My first 5 K was under 35 minutes. I did the same run less than a week later, and shaved off 30 seconds from my time.

I am absolutely hooked now on fitness and Heartbreaker classes. I am now in the 9:15 a.m. Intermediate / Advanced Boot Camp classes and I will not stop!

So to all you wanna-be’s out there, if I can do it, so can you! Just pick up the phone and call Marla to be a part of the Heartbreaker family. This former smoker and out of shape mom, has become a non-smoker, I have lost 35 pounds and my husband and I are in my first Spartan race this summer.

I feel good! I look good! I love Fitness! I love Heartbreaker!