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Bikini Contest Program

Ashley Moser

Suitable for all levels of fitness and nutrition!!!!

*Not suitable if you have an injury or recovering from surgery recently. Call Marla direct for a free consult 403-952-6191 to see if this is right for you!

Heartbreaker has been creating hot bodies and changing lives in Medicine Hat since 2006 with their unique and highly effective fitness program known as The Bikini Contest! It consists of before and after pictures, weight ins, measures, journaling, Clean Gourmet recipes designed by Marla specific to Bikini, Heartbreakers famous Boot Camp classes, running (beginner to advanced!), and of course one on one personal coaching with Marla, Ashley, and team! We are always a text, phone call, or email away to help you with any challenges or questions you may have during your journey!

This 8 week program is designed to get you lean, while building muscle and endurance. Whether you are training for a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Mud Hero race, marathon/running events, or you just want to rock sexy outfits- Bikini is the definitive program for all levels. Not only do we deliver the best group fitness classes in town, we also teach you how to eat like an athlete. No starvation diets or shake programs here that claim to help you lose weight fast. We give you the knowledge which gives you the power to eat clean and have the body of your dreams~ for life!
The Bikini Contest is only twice a year!!! May/June and Sept/October. Attendance to the nutrition session is mandatory to be eligible to win.

Winner for Bikini Contest will receive a one year unlimited membership at Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness as well as a prize package from local businesses!

How to win

1. Attendance

The main purpose of the creation of Bikini was to show results to a long term program. Stick with Bikini for the 8 weeks, and you will love the end results! You are expected to workout 5x/ week including the Friday 515pm run which includes your weekly nutrition. This is a very important day/time for bikini success-please revamp your schedule to suit if possible! You get Saturday 10am included and your workouts could be 6 days /week. We do not recommend 7 days of workouts. Sunday is your rest/family/clean food prep day. Instructors keep track of attendance and there’s no penalty for excused absences.

Bikini members get unlimited classes. You can flip flop through our schedule with any class that is deemed “bikini compatible” However- the best results will come if you can pick a time slot and stay in it as you will get support from members ( a lot of our members have done bikini!) and the instructors as you will build friendships within the group.

2. Journal

You must hand in your journal to Marla to win and to get your final pictures, weights, and measures done and to be eligible to win. We are not asking for perfection! Consider it a tool to help you achieve the next level to your nutrition. Journals must be in print- myfitnesspal acceptable, but print your daily sheets.

3. Attitude

Enjoy your fitness journey! Classes and people are fun and friendly at Heartbreaker!