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Men’s Xtreme Challenge


Men’s Xtreme Challenge was started in 2008 as a Men’s version of our famous Bikini Contest! In our first MXC, Brian V lost 35.8 lbs and Mike H achieved a 13 minute plank by the end. “There’s nothing girly about our workouts, we work HARD! In researching Cross Fit history, it turns out Heartbreaker was Cross Fit BEFORE Cross Fit was born!” says owner Marla Howard.

Greg Glassman on why their workouts have female names………
Glassman has said that Fran leaves you crushed and exhausted and joked that “any workout that leaves you flat on your back, staring up at the sky, wondering what the hell happened, deserves a girl’s name.” Well, come try the “Marla.”

*MXC will be team taught by Marla who is training a new instructors to take over the MXC program, Brennon who has a background in MMA and loves cross training style workouts. “I am pleased to bring Brennon on to instruct at my studio. His is respectful, hard working, and very dedicated to fitness. “I will give him all the tools and tips necessary to excel in the world of fitness instruction. You can rest assured that the classes will be challenging yet safe and the members will be treated with respect.” ~Marla Howard

For more information call Marla at: 403-952-6191