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Natural Teeth Whitening
Light-Activated In Studio Whitening:
Our patented blue LED light technology activates our gel formulation, which results in whitening your teeth faster, deeper and keeps them their whitest longer. This has revolutionized cosmetic tooth whitening, in a manner that is safe, effective and pain free.


      30% Carbamide Peroxide + 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Whitens and Remineralizes
    • Tooth Friendly Xylitol
    • Fights Bacteria and Gingivitis
    • Removes Plaque and Protects Enamel
    • Removes Stain From Caps, Crowns and Veneers
Light-Activated At Home Whitening & Aftercare:
Professional Strength
Sensitivity Free
For a Whiter, Healthier Smile

1. Light Activated Tray Whitening
Visibly whiter teeth in 20 minutes. Your whitest, healthiest smile in 5 to 7 days.

2. Daily Brush On Aftercare
Simply add to your toothpaste nightly to whiten, prevent re-staining and enhance oral health.

-Blue LED Light & Tray Included
-50ml Professional Whitening Gel
-30 Tray applications or 300 brush applications
-Can also be used with custom dental trays
-Use daily for improved oral health


          Combine & Save
          In-studio and At Home Kit: $199