Corey Wirth

Corey Wirth

Boot Camp/HIGH Fitness/POUND

I joined Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness about 10 years ago because a co-worker wanted a friend to do The Bikini Contest with. I heard amazing things about the program. I signed up for my first bikini contest without knowing a thing about nutrition and working out. And I sure didn’t know at that time how it would change my life! In fact- prior to signing up for bikini the most exercise I ever got was walking to and from the University of Lethbridge (I lived basically across the street). I loved Bikini, even though everything seemed to hurt! I enjoyed it so much I signed up for a second session of it!

After completing two bikini contests I joined the boot camp classes at Heartbreaker and mentioned to one of the instructors that teaching would be fun. After that comment I started on the road to becoming a certified Group Fitness Leader with AFLCA. I taught classes at Heartbreaker for a few years and then took some time off. I have been back since May 2015 and am loving everything about it. I co-teach the 6am and 5:15 classes. Working out has changed my life. I truly believe that a good workout can heal everything. If you have a stressful bad day whether it is at work or otherwise come to the gym, I promise you will feel a million times better when you leave.

I have just recently become certified in POUND and HIGH fitness – if you haven’t tried these classes it is a MUST. HIGH fitness is a full body class that will remind you of old school aerobics. You will find yourself singing along to the songs we all know and love and before you know it class is over, and you feel AMAZING!!! POUND is a workout with specialty drumsticks called ripsticks: it will make you feel like a real rockstar! I love both of these new classes so much! They are so much fun and you don't even know you're working out!

Outside of Heartbreaker, I am a full-time accountant at Medicine Hat Brewing Company. I am a wife to a fabulous man (who cooks for me every night), and even though I don’t have any children as many of you know I have three four legged fur babies that I love to spoil!

I hope to inspire and motivate you to be the best possible version of yourself!