Danielle Lank

Danielle Lank

Aerial Silk and Hoops

If you've ever wanted to run away to the circus, I've figured out the next best thing;

I'm Danielle and I've done just that.

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia where I first fell in love with Aerial Circus. I have been doing Aerial Silks for about 9 years, Aerial Hoop for about 8, and teaching for 4 years. Halifax has a large circus community and a school assignment introduced me to the wonderful world of circus. Aside from silks and hoops, I have worked on the aerial trapeze, Cyr wheel, pole fitness, and aerial yoga to name a few.

Working out has always been a struggle for me, mainly the consistency but when I discovered silks and hoops working out took on a whole new meaning. Building strength and grace as you grow with circus gives you an amazing work out that is upbeat and fun. With everything, you get out what you put in and learning a new skill requires patience, but circus has never felt like a boring work out. Circus has given me something to want to push myself to become better and the friends made within the circus community are amazing.

I moved to Medicine Hat just over two years ago and was beyond excited when I was given the chance to bring circus to the Hat.

I recently had my first child and after taking some time off for maternity leave the thrill of coming back to the circus community is so exciting. It is work getting back to where I used to be but it's a fun process getting there.