Marla Howard

Marla Howard

Owner/Boot Camp/Nutrition/Aqua Fit/Kids Dance/Kids Birthdays

Hi! I’m Marla Howard, owner/operator of Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness! I opened my studio 14 years ago in an 800 square foot studio space with my friend, Regan Siminiuk. She was the ‘dance’ and I was the ‘fitness’ in Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness. Our business model was to offer pole workouts and Shake Your Booty classes for 1 year. We planned to just make some extra cash for awhile as we both had full time careers at that time. Regan was a power engineer with Petro Canada and I was a store manager and area visual trainer with La Senza Lingerie. PLUS I had 6 year old twins at home! Although I always had a dream to run my own business, I thought it would be retail based and not a fitness studio. But I’m certainly glad I took the leap and went for it. I had no idea Heartbreaker would be the business it is today, so much has happened in 14 years for me to be proud of!

My fitness started for me as a competitive gymnast at age 7. I absolutely loved it! My fondest childhood memories

are of my parents and my gymnastics. My dad built me a custom full length and width, low-to-the-ground balance beam

that was in my room and I practiced on it constantly. I had this red bodysuit with white stripes down the sleeves that

I would eat, sleep, and even go to the grocery store with my mom in. If my mom wanted me to take it off so she could wash it- I would run away and hide! I usually cartwheeled from point A to point B. It was certainly more fun than walking to me.

I worked hard and eventually competed in a division of the Olympics in Winnipeg, placing bronze on the uneven bars.

I completed a National Coaches Certificate Program at the age of 13 and started coaching gymnastics thereafter.

I taught gymnastics along side my mom in Melfort, Sk. to 4 and 5 year olds. They were the Tumbling Turtles and I was their coach.

In 1987, I become a certified group fitness leader through the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation,

which is similar to the Alberta designate AFLCA and I have been teaching fitness ever since!!! Ill save you the math…. It’s

31 years!!!

So. 31 years is a lot to write about. I will cut to the chase here and give you just some of my highlights with Heartbreaker!

After all, I can’t divulge all the juicy details here- you will have to wait for my tell all book!

I have always been drawn to group fitness. I find it way more energizing and fun in a group atmosphere!

If I wasn’t teaching classes, I was attending them. When I was younger, teaching was always just a great way for me

to stay in shape, meet new fitness minded people and have a bit of ‘fun money’ for me at the end of the day.

I taught at various gym and cities in my 30+ years including Saskatoon, and Vancouver. Once I settled in

Medicine Hat for good in the early 90’s- one of the first things I looked for was a gym with group fitness classes.

I was a member, and soon and instructor with a locally owned gym on 3rd St. downtown in Medicine Hat.

But I digress, back to Heartbreaker. I met Regan Siminiuk in 2004 who brought portable pole classes to

Medicine Hat. We hit it off instantly and are still best friends to this day. We opened our first studio in a whirlwind.

We started classes in October 2005, and we were an instant hit! Women LOVED the concept of new and fun ways to

move and workout! Even with no social media, no sign on the door, nor advertising per se- we had full classes and waiting lists! We started with two class options only and slowly built into more and more. Once we needed more instructors to help with the demand, we helped with proper certifications and kept moving forward. Regan moved away to pursue a different career path almost a year in. So- I quit my full time job, took over as a sole proprietor and jumped in with both feet.

14 years ago we had Pole and Shake Your Booty. Now we offer Pole, Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, boot camp classes,

Zumba, The award winning Bikini Contest, HIGH fitness, Strong by Zumba, Step classes, Kickboxing,

Kids Birthday parties, Kettle Bells, TRX, on and off site kids dance and fitness, tradeshows, and more! Heartbreaker is the proud Aqua Fit providers for the Crestwood Recreation Center.

14 years ago I was in an 800 square foot space downtown. Today you can find us on Kingsway with 2500sq ft of sexy including - home of Organic Tan and Sunna Smile, which keeps in line with our core values of natural health and beauty

with all things healthy, organic, fun, fit, and fabulous! There are no gimmicks at Heartbreaker!

14 years ago there were 2 instructors. Today, I have many certified, positive, knowledgeable and motivating

instructors who, like myself, have a story to tell about how important fitness is for them. And- also like

myself, want to coach you and help you become the best version of yourself you can be!

Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness has won many awards and accolades including winning #1 in The Best of Medicine Hat

Contest for best Gym/Fitness Facility and #1 in Best Weight Loss for the Bikini Contest on more than one occasion.

We love our city and work hard at giving back in various charities and volunteer events. We strive to bring you fun, exciting classes, events, and always something new in fitness. I say mission accomplished!

My biggest achievement is the relationships I have made over these years with not only instructors but my members. I have met some of my best friends in this studio and that is truly the best reward for me.

So- come check out my studio! First class to try and consults are always free, but chances are you will have to listen to a story or two in the process!

Marla Howard is certified ALFCA group exercise leader, certified in Sports Nutrition, Zumba, Kickbox Level 1, Yoga, and Agatsu Kettle bell, Zumba Step, Pound, and Strong by Zumba, and HIGH Fitness.