Tina Sackman

Tina Sackman

8:15pm Boot Camp

Hello! My name is Tina Sackman. I have been married going on 38 years with 2 grown boys and 2 amazing grandchildren. I am and have been very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle ever since my first son was born. Making a commitment to eat and live better is just a way of life for me. I always am trying to push myself to improve and get better to reach my goals.

I have been at Heartbreaker's since May, 2009. I found myself needing something different than the blah gym! Been there, done that!!! So I gave Marla a call and she was so accommodating, answering all my questions. I truly was excited to begin my Heartbreakers journey. I've always been active with strength training and cardio but I felt I wanted to give bootcamp a try to be with other members in a fun filled environment; instead of at the gym working out alone. I've never looked back!!!

In May of 2012, I became an instructor at HB's and I couldn't be happier. I was so apprehensive at first, not knowing if I could be in front of people, but I gave it a try. It really is so rewarding, thrilling and more important, fun. It truly is so rewarding to see people change their lives for the better. People, when starting a fitness journey, have to start somewhere so I say give it a try, you won't regret it. We weren't chosen BEST for nothing!!!

I continue to learn more about myself, while helping others better themselves.

If you want to change your life for the better, come join our Heartbreaker family. You'll be so glad you did.