18 Aug

Learn about our Fall Fitness Programs, read about Leeanne Schmidt (this issue’s member profile), and learn about the benefits of juicing and blending right here in our premier issue of our email newsletter...

Welcome Back Team Heartbreaker!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer of fun, vacations, and great memories! Fall 2013 marks HB's 8th year in business! I want to say a big thank you to all my amazing instructors and dedicated members who really make this a true 'family'! I look forward to bringing you new and exciting classes and events in HB style! Kicking things off for Fall 2013 is my new email campaign featuring fitness and nutrition tips, recipes, member profiles and more!

I hope you enjoy!
Yours in fitness,

~ Marla

Member Profile - Leeanne Schmidt

My name is LeeAnne Schmidt.....I have been married to Larry for 14 years and we have two beautiful daughters. I take great pride in setting a positive example by living a healthy lifestyle. Besides my family, health and fitness is my next great love. I always find time to work out and prep meals for myself and my family, after doing it for so long it has just become so normal I can't imagine not doing it, we all have 24 hours in a day and it's what we do in that time that really counts! I am passionate about pushing myself to the next level and challenging myself daily. Heartbreakers plays a big role in helping me achieve those goals. I have been very active my entire life and approximately 2 years ago I joined the ever popular "8 week Bikini Contest" and have never looked back.

The classes are fun, invigorating and and as hard as you want to make them - as the old saying goes "you get out what you put in". Marla offers advanced moves for the more advanced and modified moves for those who need it as well, we are family and support and push each other every day. There are new ladies joining continually and we welcome them and try to make them feel comfortable as we are all "the new girl" at some point. Marla takes the time to get to know us all and is always available to answer questions, guide us, praise us, push us, etc. to help us reach our full potential. In 2012, I decided I needed a new challenge, so I entered in my first Fitness Competition-Muscle Beach in Edmonton. I placed 2nd and qualified to go on......which I did! Marla and the girls at Heartbreakers supported me throughout both my journeys thus far and made the classes challenging enough that I did rely on them as part of my preparation.

I love belonging to a club that is pasionate about working out, getting sweaty, sharing, laughing, and yes- even swearing, supporting and encouraging each other each and every day. I have built amazing friendships and I love surrounding myself with other women who also want to lead healthy lives. "Be the change you want to see in the world". Believe in yourself and have high expectations.....commit to be fit, commit to eat clean, and commit to making positve changes for yourself-one day at at time! If you want to join the amazing Heartbreaker family, please don't hesitate-it will be one call you will be glad you made!
~ LeeAnne Schmidt

LeeAnnes Favorite Post Workout Shake
1 scoop chocolate Promasil protein powder
2 cup unsweetend almond milk
1 cup spinach
1/4 cup frozen mixed berries
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
pinch of cinnamon and tumeric

Next member profile.....Rylee Rattai! 25 pounds down and counting!

Energy Studio Instructors

Welcome back from mat leave to Ali Dressler!!! She just had a baby boy named Jaxx in May who looks just like his three sisters! They are known as Ali's cookie cutter crew! You can find Ali kicking ass in her regular 9:15am time slot!

Also welcome back to Staci Cooper who had a bay boy named Lochlan on the same day as Ali!!!!! Weighing in 4lbs and 6oz, he's a happy healthy boy! Staci is working her magic with Bikini Contest in the 5:15pm time slot.

Jen Remai is back as well after her baby boy Husdon was born in the spring. Jen will be subbing in the 12:10, 4:30pm, and 5:15pm, time slots!

And finally....we have a girl in the mix! Congrats to Terri Ann AKA: TA on the birth of her baby girl~ Bree Ann AKA: BA! Sending love out to TA and BA and hope to see you back at HB soon!

I have to give a big shout out to my energizer bunny Zumba instructor Jessia Kenzie! She just celebrated her 3rd year teaching Zumba at HB! Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU! Jessica for your endless energy and love for Zumba! She's busy teaching Zumba, Zumbatoning, Zumba Gold, Zumba birthday parties, and for schools in HB and outside representing HB as well. Zumba and HB love to you Jess!

You can find your other favorite instructors in the following time slots....

Gail 5am coed

Leah 6am Boot Camp

Marla 12:10pm Ripped and Saturday 10am coed

Randee 4:30pm F.I.T

Jessica and Jamie 6:15pm Zumba

Chila 7:15pm coed and Saturday 10am coed

Kerri/Tina 8:15pm Boot Camp

To Blend or to Juice?

Which is better? Blending or juicing? Well, the answer is BOTH! You can gain very important nutrients with both methods. When blending, you can incorporate more fibre and protein and with juicing, you can pack more nutrients into less volume. If you want muscle growth, endless energy, and glowing skin, work both into your weekly clean eating plans!

Enjoy this delicious juicing recipe from Donna Buck! Even her picky 4 year old grandson loves this "green juice". Thanks Donna!

1 head romaine lettuce

6 stalks celery

1/2 long english cucumber

1/2 lime

fresh mint

2 granny smith apples

1/2 fresh pineapple

Remember Heartbreakers~We like it clean in the kitchen......