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Heartbreaker has been creating hot bodies and changing lives in Medicine Hat since 2006 with their award winning and highly effective fitness program known as The Bikini Contest! It consists of before and after pictures, weight ins, measures, journaling, Clean Gourmet recipes designed by Marla Howard specific to The Bikini Contest (now including a Vegan option!), Heartbreakers’ famous Boot Camp classes, running for all levels and of course one on one personal coaching with Marla Howard and team! We are always a text, phone call, or chat away to help you with any challenges or questions you may have during your journey!

This 8 week program is designed to get you lean, while building muscle and endurance. Whether you are training for a Foam Fest, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Mud Hero race, marathon/running events, or you just want to rock sexy outfits- Bikini is the definitive program for all levels. Not only do we deliver the best group fitness classes in town, we also teach you how to eat like an athlete. There are no starvation diets nor shake programs here that claim to help you lose weight fast. We give you the knowledge which gives you the power to eat clean and have the body of your dreams~ for life! The Bikini Contest is only three times a year!!! January/February, May/June, and September/October. Exact start date varies each contest, but it is usually the second Monday of the new session. Attendance to the nutrition session is important which is the Thursday or Friday before the start date. Contact Marla Howard 403-952-6191 or Ashley Moser 403-928-3930 direct for exact dates.

Facebook is an integral part of this contest as all communications including meal plans are posted here. This is a closed and private group which you are added to once you register! You have access to this group even after your completion of the contest as we believe in a strong social network within our studio to help everyone stay motivated and in celebrating all our successes together!

Click on the following link to download the Bikini Contest Waiver Form. Please print, sign, and bring it to your initial nutrition meeting.

The winner for Bikini Contest will receive a one year unlimited membership at Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness with a value of over $1500.00!!!!



The main purpose of the creation of The Bikini Contest was to show results to a long term program. If you stick with Bikini for the 8 weeks, and you will love the end results! You are expected to workout 5x/ week, (bonus 6 days) with our Saturday 10am class.

Running: Friday 5:15pm running is included in your program. We run in clear weather only, and we teach you how. May/June bikini will have running- January Bikini probably will not.
*Runs done on your own WILL count towards your attendance. You must clear it with Marla and send in a sweaty selfie including time and distance to be marked as attended for your Friday run. Alternatively- you can attend 6:00am, 9:15am,10:15am, or 12:10pm classes on Friday to suit your needs. Running is a great fat burning tool while increasing stamina and endurance; plus its amazing therapy! Please try to get in the Friday run led by our team of running experts.

You get Saturday 10am, and/or Sunday 9:30am POUND included and your workouts could be 6 days /week. We do not recommend 7 days of workouts. Sunday is your rest/family/clean food prep day. Attendance is recorded in studio and there is no penalty for excused absences.

Bikini members get unlimited classes, and we offer over 50 a week you can choose from! First class of the day is at 6:00am and we run through to 8:15pm at night. You can flip flop through our schedule with any class that is deemed bikini compatible. However- the best results will come if you can pick a time slot and stay in it as you will get support from members (a lot of our members have done bikini!) and the instructors as you will build friendships within the group.


You must hand in your journal to Marla and have your final pictures, weights, and measures done and to be eligible to win. We are not asking for perfection! Consider it a tool to help you achieve the next level to your nutrition. Journals must be in print- myfitnesspal is preferred.


Enjoy your fitness journey! The classes and people are fun and friendly at Heartbreaker!

We are unique - we are a small boutique style studio with amazing members and instructors who not only love to workout, we love to have fun while doing it! Each week we post fun challenges and prizes to be earned courtesy of Ashley Moser with Organic Tan, Sunna Smile, and Frankie and Finnegan clothing. Marla Howard offers prizes with Goli ACV gummies, SugarBearHair, RX Bars, as well as one free pole, silk, or hoop session at Heartbreaker!

Check out our other amazing local sponsors!

The Hats Olive Tap. Essentials Medi Spa. Couture Hair. Red Velvet Hair & Body. Aquatic Elevation.

There are limited spots available for The Bikini Contest. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot. Register now to avoid disappointment.

Marla Howard 403.952.6191

Ashley Moser 403.928-3930

Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness has been changing minds, changing bodies, and changing lives since 2006 with The Bikini Contest!

*The Bikini Contest may not be suitable if you have an injury or recovering from surgery recently. Call Marla direct for a free consult 403.952.6191 to see if this is right for you!

If you have pre or postnatal needs, please also contact Marla direct as our 9:15am Boot Camp instructor, Beth Stewart has specialty certifications in this area.

Always talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness plan.