Marla Howard

Boot Camp Classes

Our famous boot camp classes are the back bone of our business and part of the reason why The Bikini Contest offers proven results time after time. We use a mix of equipment and movements to offer you amazing classes every day! You will never get the same class twice. Our instructors follow signature Heartbreaker formats while adding in their own interpretations. We follow a full body schedule throughout the week to make sure we hit every single muscle!

Mondays- Full Body

Tuesdays- Cardio

Wednesday- Arms and Abs

Thursday- Legs

Fridays- Instructor Choice

We have a large variety of equipment and we train you to use it all safely, properly, and with max results. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level of fitness- we have you covered! Our basic boot camp classes typically feature a bench for elevated movements and cardio components, and we add free weights for muscle development through lifting as well as added body weight exercises, such as a weighted squat or lunge. But- we love to mix it up and use other equipment! In addition to dumb bells and barbells- we also have battle ropes, kettle bells, kickboxing equipment, CrossFit style equipment, TRX suspension trainers, BOSU’s, & resistance bands.

Our classes revolve around The 7 Basic Heartbreaker Boot Camp Moves which are taught to you with proper form and movement mechanics first so you can advance without injury to the next level of your fitness journey.

1. Squats

2. Lunges

3. Push Ups

4. Cardio

5. Plyometrics

6. Free Weight Lifting

7. Planks

We are creative when it comes to class formats and note that all 7 Basic Heartbreaker Boot Camp Moves have many variations that we work with. A basic squat can be turned into a squat with a calf raise, a goblet squat, a pop squat, a plyometric leap, a travelling pop squat and so many more!

Classes are always a mix of creative movements, various equipment, and excellent instruction.

Come see for yourself why we were voted the #1 Best Gym/ Fitness Facility more than once in the Medicine Hat News ‘Best of Medicine Hat Contest’!