Marla Pole Dancing

Pole, Silk, Hoop Classes in our NEW studio location!

Sultry + Silk Aerial Arts Studio is located at #2-545 North Railway SE. all of our pole, silk, adn hoop classes are held at this location.

Our classes run in 8 week sessions. You are placed in a class that is suited to your level, we confirm day and time around your schedule, and you attend that class for the duration of the session!

Start dates change through the year. Simply contact Marla Howard - owner/operator 403-952-6191

Join our Facebook group- Sultry + Silk - to stay in the know for classes, workshops & upcoming registrations.


Pricing *8 weeks*

Pole class $125.00 plus gst

Silk/Hoop class $145.00 plus gst

Sign up for one class and get the second half price during the same 8 week session!

*All pole, silk, & hoop classes are 18+ preferred. Parents permission is required for under 18 years of age. There is NO nudity in our classes. We are a team of fitness professional who teach the art of aerial fitness with exotic dance components. All students are encouraged to participate to their own comfort levels in all classes and workshops. Photography in classes is encouraged. If you do not wish to have your photo taken in class, please talk to your instructor prior to your class start time.

About Pole Dance Classes

This class will help you get comfortable, moving and grooving around the pole. You will learn the basics of pole dancing, through beginner spins, strengthening/conditioning exercises, and floor work movement that will help you develop a strong pole foundation. No experience necessary!

We have beginner to advanced classes available. We have small class sizes for personalized instruction so you can advance much faster. There is no sharing of poles! Depending on your current fitness level, you can expect to advance to the next level with each session you take!

What to bring/wear

For your first class- wear anything you are comfortable moving in. For your next classes, please wear or bring shorts as we start to work on pole climbs and holds. Please do not apply lotion to your skin before pole classes. It makes it much harder to grasp the pole. Any soft soled footwear for classes is recommended.

About Aerial Hoop Classes

It begins with the basics of body awareness and strength conditioning. Class will begin with a muscle conditioning warm-up. Students will learn beginner techniques to mount and dismount the hoop, hangs, and beginner poses and transitions. After learning these fundamentals, students progress to the intermediate-level Hoop classes. No experience necessary!

What to bring/wear

Please wear full length, comfortable workout pants or leggings to classes. Any soft soled footwear for classes is recommended.

About Aerial Silks

An introduction to basic aerials technique on fabric. Start working on the proper technique and conditioning to safely hold yourself in the air. You familiarize yourself with basic fabric moves including climbing the fabric, foot locks, and more. Leave class every week with conditioning homework to make you stronger. No experience necessary!

If you are also above a Beginner Level and wanting to progress with either either Pole, Hoops or Silks, we offer intermediate/advanced classes to continue your skills as well!

What to bring/wear

Please wear full length, comfortable workout pants or leggings to classes. Any soft soled footwear for classes is recommended.

Stagettes/Private Bookings

You can book a private pole, silk, or hoop class in studio for stagettes, a girls night out, or even just for fun! Stagettes are one hour in length with the class of your choice. We love to have fun, so bring on your ideas and themes as we love to participate!

$25.00 per person Minimum of 6 people. There is no maximum, but in case of a large group- we add extra time at no additional charge so everyone gets their fair turn on the pole, silk, or hoop.

Chairdance/Lapdance stagettes available upon request.


We offer workshops all year long, but are not set within a schedule. Please keep an eye on our Facebook group if you are interested in Chair Dance, Aerial Yoga, Pole, Silk, & Hoop and our other specialty and creative workshops!

Pricing: varies per workshop