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Build strength, agility, and endurance for your favorite sport! Either in studio, or at your school! Dancers will build strength for jumps and movements with core training, plyometrics, and step classes! Ringette, soccer, and hockey players love the challenging boot camp and cardio interval training classes!
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Hello, My name is Candice Fuller and I am a grade 7 teacher at Crescent Heights High School. Last June I was looking into fitness studios to bring my Grade 7 Recreation Education class to. Recreation Education is a program intended to foster self-initiated participation in recreational activities in an effort to build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Part of the program is an individual fitness unit.

I had heard great things about Heartbreaker, so I decided to contact Marla. I brought my classes to Heartbreaker to try a boot camp and a step class in June 2013. I was blown away by how great these classes were and how much fun my students had with Marla. Marla offered a tough workout but managed to make it fun, keep the students engaged for 45 minutes and offer a comfortable environment where students felt they could participate and be successful despite their individual fitness levels. There was sweat, laughter and even singing! Students left the boot camp and step classes inquiring about other youth programs that are offered at Heartbreaker and expressing how much fun they had working out.

After trying Heartbreaker in June 2013 I decided to bring my Recreation Education 7 class back for the 2013-2014 school year as well as the grade 8 and 9 classes at CHHS. I myself became a fan of Heartbreaker and decided to change up my own workout routine and join their commit to be fit as a one year member.

Students leave Heartbreaker feeling proud of their accomplishments they achieved in their workout, energized all the while having fun while they worked hard.